Conventional and Jumbos Loans for Colorado Homebuyers

Are you looking to purchase a second home or make an investment in property? A conventional loan can help you do this. They also have a number of advantages over FHA loans, including a lower down payment, mortgage insurance can be lower if you have good credit, and they cover much higher loan amounts.

A Conventional Loan is a Great Option if You Qualify

Conventional loans have more stringent guidelines and are more credit sensitive than FHA and VA loans. However, for home owners and buyers that qualify, conventional loans typically offer lower monthly payments, decreased mortgage insurance, and are less expensive than government loans.

With 20% down you can avoid mortgage insurance on a conventional loan. Mortgage insurance can be eliminated without refinancing. Kathleen is one of a few lenders that are offering conventional loans with only a 3% down payment conventional loan programs with little down and no mortgage insurance. Kathleen provides her clients with more conventional loans programs and options than any other lender in colorado.

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